Performance Management (Sample)


Managing performance is more than a rear view mirror process to get salespeople to produce at higher levels. If your goal is to have dynamic organic growth either with new prospects or existing clients, then leading, managing and coaching the day-to-day performance of your team is critical. Learn the 3 parts of extraordinary performance management in this module.



Complete the SME™ Performance Management-Accountability SPIKE 5-Step Process. SPIKE will help you understand what an effective “performance manager” does, how they do it and why you must master these important sales management skills. Click below to download the SME™ Performance Management-Accountability SPIKE Learning Process.

Download the SME™ Performance Management SPIKE



Complete the SME™ Performance Management-Accountability Learning Module. Tony Cole will lead you through a short course that will help you understand and implement the 3 keys to improving your performance management so that your sales team can and will sell more. Click below to view the module.

SME™ Performance Management Module


Listen to an example of an Extraordinary Conversation as it relates to goal setting. Click below to listen to the audio clip.

Extraordinary Conversation Discussion


Complete the SME™ Performance Management Worksheet which includes assessing the commitment of each of your salespeople and having the “Extraordinary Standards” conversation with your team. Click below to download the worksheet if you have not already done so.

SME™ Performance Management Worksheet


STEP 4: 

Now, time to get certified! Click below to print your SME™ Performance Management Certification.

SME™ Performance Management Certification Form


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