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Find Out How to Hire Better Sales People! Don’t Wait!

What do you need to do?
Hire Better

As a business owner or line of fire sales manager, you have hired your share of ghostsThose salespeople you have hired and who have failed, costing you big money and decoysThose who fooled you into thinking they were salespeople but were actually imposters. Hire the right salespeople with our proven and guaranteed Hire-Better-Sales People program.

Hire Better People Now
Coach Better

As a sales leader, you set the tone everyday with your focus and communication. You can dramatically improve your impact on sales results with SMETM . A little effort (time) and execution (skills) is guaranteed to yield a significant lift to your bottom line. Take a minute to see how the 10% Difference (will have link) can affect your bottom line.

Learn to Coach Better
Sell Better

Does it take your people too long to make a sale? Do you need the current sales cycle to be shorter? Do your people need to get a commitment faster? Or win more ‘at bats’ while spending less time on proposals? If so, you need a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to selling that will get the attention of real prospects. We will help you reboot your sales people by teaching them how to disqualify the tire-kickers who distract them from the real job of selling. After all, you need sales, not a bunch of pipe dreams.

Learn to Sell Better
Set Better Standards

The process for transforming your team begins with ‘I’. This means that you will have to make some changes and the greatest impact you can make is to stop allowing excuses for lack of sales (and “covering” for your sales people when they fail).  We will help you implement a proven process for accountability.  The next time you hear a sales person use an excuse ask him “If I didn’t let you use that excuse, what would you do differently?”

Set Better Standards
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If you do nothing else, get our free stuff. Sign up for Sales Brew which features a weekly Sales Tip and be sure to include your whole team. Every sales person NEEDS a weekly jolt. Find other useful free tools under Resources.

Think about it– What’s the worst that can happen on a sales call?  Watch Joe Got Shot!

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With the overwhelming amount of information available to all of us in books and via the internet, our goal with our monthly newsletter is to focus on an area of leadership or sales practice, engage you and make you think. We hope you will sit back, grab a cup of java and dig into our monthly Sales Brew newsletter.

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  • How effective is your company’s process for recruiting top sales talent?
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Answer these questions and more with our free tools to help you assess your sales team and hiring effectiveness.

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