Getting Introductions


How do your top producers typically meet and then gain the relationships with their best clients? When we ask successful salespeople this question, they tell us that they were introduced by another client. We are rarely told that they attained those best clients due to a cold call or networking event. Successful salespeople consistently ask for introductions. It is part of their prospecting practice. How about your sales team? Do they regularly ask for introductions and if not, why not? This lesson will help your salespeople with an effective and comfortable approach.


STEP 1: Getting Introductions – Overview

Many salespeople want us to work with them on closing more business by focusing on closing techniques or presentation skills. This all depends on how the relationship started. If it began with a cold call, there is more to overcome… most notably trust and confidence. If you started the relationship with an introduction, then you’re already halfway to where you want to be. This video will share some very important attitude traits required for success at asking for and acquiring introductions.

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STEP 2: Getting Introductions – Demonstration

It’s safe to say that if you went to the top 20% of your current client base and asked them to introduce you to people they know that are just like them, you may have some new prospects.  Your success however will depend on how good you are at your approach.  This video will demonstrate a very effective method to grow your business – by getting introductions.


STEP 3: Getting Introductions – Practical Exercise

Download the Getting Introductions Script below and practice it first, then role play it with your Manager or a co-worker. You need to be at ease with this conversation. Then download the Getting Introductions Worksheet and pick your best clients and Centers of Influence to ask for introductions. Next step: schedule time to make those calls, make the calls and track your success.

Getting Introductions Worksheet  Getting Introductions Script