Jack Kasel
Sales Development Expert

(614) 561-3812

Ever since college, training and coaching have been part of my professional career. I received my degree in Education, then taught and coached for several years. My next career was in the Training and Customer Service Departments at a computer software company. There I had my first experience in sales and knew I was in the profession that I needed be in. My 30+ years in sales and sales management includes selling: Computer Software, Transportation & Logistics, Vending and Check printing services. During my tenure at FedEx Ground, I was put in charge of all aspects of a regional training center and, soon thereafter, was promoted to District Sales Manager.

I married my high school sweetheart, Dorine, in 1978. To this day, that was one of the best sales I’ve ever made. We have two children, Adam and Sarah, and four of the most perfect grandchildren God ever created. When I’m not working, I enjoy counseling and advising men through some of the challenges they face. I also am active in my church. Other recreational activities include being a Super Hero and helping my grandsons fight bad guys.

Since joining Anthony Cole Training Group, I have seen the impact a robust and vigorous training, assessing and developing program can have on a company. It is with great confidence I can tell my clients: We have the best tools to help you grow your business.

Here is one of my favorite commentaries on my profession:

Sales Leader: “What happens if we develop our people, and they leave us?”
CEO: “What happens if we don’t develop them and they stay?”



“During 2016-2107 we have experienced a 20% reduction in our sales force. Our fee income however, has increased by 50% in that same time”. I can attribute that to our sales team being better in their selling process and that is directly attributable to the Anthony Cole Training program.”

  Head of Commercial Lending, Community Bank



“I have been a banker for 32 years and have received quite a bit of training in sales skills, negotiating skills, and leadership (classroom, videos, role-playing and one-on-one coaching).  I’ll be honest and tell you that I went into this training with a healthy degree of skepticism – what else could I learn?, how many more acronyms could I memorize?  I am an old salty dog.  Jack Kasel’s style was engaging, energetic, and informal.  Everyone had a nickname and he personalized the material in such a way that it made for a great collaborative and collegial experience.  His approach allowed all of us to slightly move away from our comfort zones and be more receptive to varying approaches and tweaking techniques. Jack is a true professional who represents Anthony Cole Training exceptionally well!  I would be happy and pleased to serve as a reference both for Jack Kasel and the firm that bears your name.”

Jed Hall
Senior Banker and Boston Market Leader, KeyBank



The time spent in our class was the best training session I have ever been to. I was able to clearly identify what I was doing well, recognize differences in my current process and what you were proposing, and see how slight adjustments would make a large impact. I am really excited to utilize these skills and processes in my communications going forward. I walked away from class feeling enthusiastic about making calls (seriously!), qualifying prospects more effectively and positioning for a close.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, for creating an environment that encouraged us all to step outside of our comfort zones and interact with one another, and your continued commitment to working with us. I know the follow up is part of the additional value that you bring and I am looking forward to more time with you!”

Brooke Henry
Business Banking Relationship Manager, KeyBank