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An important component of your sales meetings should be helping your salespeople improve their selling skills.  In your Sales Meeting Portal, we have included specific modules on pre-call planning, prospecting, qualifying, closing and practice management.  Each Sales Meeting Module includes several 2 to 5-minute videos, a practical exercise and teaching tips.  Make your sales meetings memorable and productive so that your salespeople want to attend them again and again.

Make Your Meetings Motivational


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  • Maximize the Initial Call
  • Uncover Compelling Reasons – SMA
  • Are They Really a Prospect?


  • Gain Clarity & Get Commitment
  • Presenting to Get a Decision
  • Getting Paid


  • Create Your Success Formula
  • Pre Call Prep
  • Self-Management vs. Crisis Management


  • I Would Sell More if Only I…
  • The Will to Sell
  • Need for Approval

Your Coach

Tony Cole, Founder and Chief Learning Officer

I was born and raised in the blueberry capital of the world, Hammonton, New Jersey. This has a lot to do with who I am and what I do today. Growing up on a farm, you realize that there really aren’t any days off. And, as my dad Ray used to say, “When everything else fails, hard work works.” That combination of nature and nurture development guided me to a work ethic, a passion to succeed and commitment to goals and aspirations that eventually led to the opportunity to play collegiate football at the University of Connecticut. Then led me to coach at the University of Cincinnati, and Iowa State University, then become the regional sales manager for Nautilus exercise equipment and finally to start Anthony Cole Training Group with my wife Linda in 1993.

Linda and I have been married for 29 years. We have two wonderful children. I also have a daughter from a previous marriage and 3 beautiful grandchildren. I am blessed to work with a staff of people who care about our clients, have great dreams, goals and ambitions of their own.

I am passionate about why I do what I do. Simply put – this is what I’ve been called to do – help people and organizations be the absolute best they can be. Help them realize their greatest potential so that they can experience and have the life of abundance promised in John 10:10. I also believe you ought to be having fun doing what you’re doing. Life is too short to be engaged in something that occupies so much of your time without enjoying it.

Here is our Brand Promise: You will not find anyone else to partner with who cares about your success as we do. If you are lying awake at night worrying about something, I assure you, we are too. Your problems become our problems.



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